This Anatomy of A Burning Heart


Original photo of Eddie Woods © 1993 by Peter Edel

EDDIE WOODS lived in Amsterdam for two decades before moving to Devon, England to be with the girl of his dreams. Six years later, the dream shattered, he returned to Holland, where he eventually came to realize that the breakup of his relationship had thrown him into deep emotional crisis. There was no way out of the tunnel but on the wings of song.

This poems cycle tells the story of the rise and fall of an incredible love affair.

A poet since his mid teens, Eddie is well-travelled and has resided, as well as variously worked, in many parts of the world, mainly the USA, Europe and both the near and farther East. Born in Manhattan on May 8th 1940, he grew up in Jamaica, Queens.

“But now to your poem, a remarkable work. I can almost feel what you have been through in the past months, the pain of separation, the weird mixture of love and hate, above all the tangible, physical longing for the lover you have lost. You have succeeded in communicating it so vividly and profoundly that I feel the echoes of many past loves of my own. It’s incredible that you manage to put so much intensity and knife sharpness into words. Reading it, I was pushed and pulled and battered with a tsunami of emotions, so that at the end I felt breathless & almost wounded. But then, the touch of humour and self-deprecation that is so characteristic of even your darkest moments shines through at the end: ‘you liked my underpants but hated my socks’ and bang! You bring us back to the surreality of life.” KAREN MARGOLIS, poet (Berlin)


How can I say
at this late date
in the history of our love
for how many years
my psyche has dreamed poems of you?

I could always start
(quite easily at that)
simply by answering:
for a very long time.

What it adds up to
is a strange kind of missing,
wanting to be with someone
you know so well,
yet by fate of circumstances
have not had the chance
to come to know at all.

But this I do know:
I have longed for you more,
cherished you more often,
than my waking memory
dared to remind me.

It has to do with…
former recall:
the perceived distances
between all that was
and what karmic reality
means for there to be.

I feel a world of roses
steadily becoming us,
with all the thorns and passions
and an outrage of fragrances
joyously enveloping our every move.

So once again
(ages of whisperings
down a carefully winding road)
I see your visages behind me,
illuming the future.

How ever did I miss it?
(I bemusedly ask myself):
never was desire so patently clear.

I know not how
nor precisely when;
but my heart chakra swears
(even now I hear it smiling)
that while young life yet throbs
in our slowly oldening veins,
a way shall be found
to join us together.

February 19th 1998 © Eddie Woods

Tsunami of Love: A Poems Cycle  © 2005 by Eddie Woods is published by INS & OUTS PRESS

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