The Girl Adrift At Appleby Horse Fair

Mining For Gold presented by Radio Joy:
The North is Another Land…
Live on Resonance104.4FM
Every Friday for six weeks at 11.30pm, starts October 1st

An American musician finds herself disillusioned in London. After a breakdown in the city she embarks on a wayward journey through the North of England. On her way she visits a traditional horse fair in the town of Appleby, invokes transitory disturbance at Sellafields power station, discovers the beauty of nature in the abandoned Teeside chemical plants, encounters Islamophobia in Gateshead and much more along the way before finding the holy musical grail in the City of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Featuring Marianne Hyatt with sound by Band of Holy Joy and James S Finn. The North is Another Land is a mix of fact, fiction and soundscape with special guests each week:

The series will culminate with a live performance by The Band of Holy Joy and a Talking Musical Revolutions symposium at the Star and Shadow cinema in Newcastle on November 6th.

Cris Lapthorn – soundscape – studio enabling – research – voice
Chris Brierley – violin – voice – soundscape
Inga Tillere – soundscape – visuals
James S Finn – soundscape – piano –guitar – studio enabling – voice
Andy Astle – guitar voice
Marianne Hyatt – Lindsey Lowheart
Gavin Martin – voice, vibes
Bill Lewington – percussion
Johny Brown – text – voice
David Barbenel – cello

We are here to trade
Fortunes are waiting to be made
We’ve been gathering for a week or so now

Plotted up on Old Gallows Hill
Sporadic midnight brawling between the caravans parked

Watched by policemen
Armed this year for the first time
Locals sneer but still take our money
Pubs they serve us with sour smiles
We laugh we dance and we drink them dry
We have arrived in our singular style
There is no one on earth quite like us
The gypsies come from far and wide
Driving the horses into the water
Driving the horses into the River Eden
Washing them down

Wishing them up, up, up…
With the crowds there a watching
And the buyers there a waiting
Racing the ponies down Flashing Lane
Setting their traps along to Murton
Deals fair done

Reputations ill won
Or lost

Or bought

Or stolen

You look better than I’ve seen you in years

And I can see you’re doing well for yourself

That bunch of keys hanging from your belt

I see you’re holding plenty gelt
The first week in June
It’s the best week of the year
The first week in June
Appleby Horse Fair

The recording of this show is available on request.

One Response to The Girl Adrift At Appleby Horse Fair

  1. Den Browne says:

    So many layers going on here, really loved it. Beautiful reading, writing & playing all round – looking forward to part 3