Thames is a film and soundscape project by Tristan Shorr taken from journeys made along the banks of the Thames from Deptford to where the river meets the sea. These voyages along the Thames took 6 months to document, travelling both on the south and north banks of the river.

The sound pieces that have resulted from these expeditions are a heavily layered mix of field recordings in combination with found and processed sounds. This work is a dark and immersive exposition of an older and more industrialised life that this section of the Thames once reflected (trade, manual labour, factories, machines) and the evocative mix of the many hidden histories and voices this landscape reveals.

The project has been realized in the Stanley Glasser Electronic Music Studios at Goldsmiths University of London as part of Tristan’s recently completed MMus studies in Studio Composition. The various elements of the project that also include a fifteen minute Super 8 film has recently been shown as part of a large installation at the Shunt Lounge. The film ‘Thames’ will be screened at Gallop in Deptford for two weeks in January 2010.

Tristan Shorr: ‘I am an obsessive explorer of London. My work is concerned with re-mapping and re-imagining everyday London, reflecting a psychosis for a city that emerges through a collision between the specific journeys I undertake and the imaginary possibilities that arise using sound and film.

As a sound artist I compose experimental music for devised theatre, dance and performance, including a recent collaboration with artist Jesse Ash for a project presented at Artforum Berlin 2009.

As an Installation artist I work predominantly on site-specific projects involving sound, film and performance. And as a musician I am a member of experimental band ‘vlk’ and the improvisation and performance collective Sound-Through’.

The recording of this show is available on request.

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