Psychogeographic Guide to Riga This Week / Part 1

A landscape is a respectable ornament for interior. It tells a lot about the spiritual life of the host…

In art, the landscape usually serves as a metaphor for life, where the eternal and the transient meet…

Each district of the city has places where the inhabitants from the whole surrounding area meet a portrait of their soul. For many years, this meant the milk and bread shop for some people, or the bar or others, and practically everyone needs at some point to visit the pharmacy.

Gather round, gather round, step behind and follow on, for a psychogeographic tour of the city of Riga this week with your hosts the Restoration Workshop of Unprecedented Feelings and fellow explorers Jonny Mugwump Cris Lapthorn Inga Tillere and Johny Brown sense, sense, sense it

We feel that Riga does not belong to us, yet cannot help imagining it does.



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