Oblivion Seekers


I hear something more. When even the Aissaoua have sunk into sleep, I still see moving forms. A breath steals across the terraces, disturbing the calm. I know. I imagine. I hear. There are sighs and catchings of breath out there in the cinnamon-scented night. The heat of rut under the quiet stars. The hot night’s languor drives flesh to seek flesh, and desire is reborn. It is terrible to hear teeth grinding in mortal spasms, and lungs making sounds like death-rattles. Agony! I feel like sinking my teeth into the warm earth.

Charlotte Greig and Julian Hayman seek oblivion with Isabelle Eberhardt.


3 Responses to Oblivion Seekers

  1. Den Browne says:

    Just when I was really enjoying it … sorry folks, I’ve tried listening twice & it cuts out just past the 20 minute mark. Words & sounds super so far tho…

  2. admin says:

    That’s because the piece is only 21 minutes long!

  3. Den Browne says:

    Ah well, small & perfectly formed is cool too! I stand corrected…