Loves Dirty Habit Two

Hi Radio Joy Heads… a slight derive from the surreal this Sunday…

I Keep Diamonds Too from Inga Tillere on Vimeo.

Ten years ago Tracey Moberly produced a show at the Foundry in Hoxton whose title LOVES DIRTY HABIT came from a Band of Holy Joy song. The premise as I remember it was that we set a thousand pink balloons up in to the night sky with a mobile phone number on and a request for any balloon finders to text in their ‘Love’s Dirty Habit’. The answers would be stuck on the gallery walls in the basement of the Foundry. The new language and future of communication was uppermost in our minds but we also wanted to throw a great party. The opening night was a blur of pink balloons and scuzzy texts that were zapped in from the hinterlands of London. It was a great night and a supreme show if memory serves.

I Keep Diamonds… from Nicola Jayne Maskrey on Vimeo.

Tracey has kept the project very much alive and a decade on we revisit the notion. Nicola Jayne Maskrey and Inga Tillere took Tracey’s texts and set about visualising them from a new perspective. The Band Of Holy Joy played a live set from a collection of songs they are about to release called PARAMOUR, songs which are very much about Love’s Dirty Habits: betrayals, lustings, casual sexual murderings that kind of low and grand déclassé behaviour. Radio Joy broadcast the entire evening. The DJ’s Gavin Martin and Jonny Mugwump kept the night flowing. James S Finn supplied a soundscape and generally looked after sounds. The immense Andrew Bailey performed a twenty-minute set.

As the Foundry is about to close its doors soon we tried to make this event as memorable as the first.

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