From Domestic Bliss To Domestic Abuse

It is a great privilege to be able to repeat a show that we recorded and broadcast on Resonance FM this Friday. Simon Morgan released a single called Child Battery with his band Domestic Bliss in 1980. Between then and now he has lead a most eventful life of ups and downs highs and lows, been through a lot of scrapes and helped a hell of a lot of people out. His passion for music is renowned. He set up the legendary Trakmarx website. And now 30 years since the first recording he has ventured into a studio again. The result is a beautiful album called ‘Domestic Abuse’ He came down to the radio station and played us some tracks off the record. We loved all of it and we’re sure you will too.

The recording of this show is available on request.

2 Responses to From Domestic Bliss To Domestic Abuse

  1. Ian Hough says:

    What a great and fascinating show. Inspiring

  2. Excellent show, looking forward to the finished album