fragments tones miscalculations


We have a great session by Jonny Mugwump on this weeks radio joy. FRAGMENTS TONES MISCALCULATIONS is a one hour soundscape emanating from somewhere over the toxic rainbow that lights the South London skyline.

Jonny Mugwump is a writer, broadcaster and sounds-escapist. He transmits a radio show the Exotic Pylon every Saturday night at 9.30pm on Resonance FM. Fine examples of his writing such as his recent piece on Derek Jarman can be found at the Quietus.


linearity collapsed for good seventeen years in- sensations buffered intuition but acid curved the straight line and ecstasy + impossible rhythm = raving machine and the internal circuitry ruptured for all eternity… the mix runs for infinity- every sound eventually loops around the universe and bounces back- cage called a piece in a landscape and sound is the thing you can walk around in…


Mood- always serious, always of the utmost importance, always laughing
Colour- midnight blue, my bloody valentine smeared mauve
Sound- analogue warmth digital manipulation


everything is an accident but accidents are by no means mistakes
nothing is true, everything is permitted

the strangers in the lonely shack remain open-wide to blissful experience
the strangers in the lonely shack remain friends for life

Photo of Jonny Mugwump by Bonny Finberg © Bonny Finberg


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