Chips for the Poor

*********************************************** Ive excellent news for the world, there is no such thing as new wave. *********************************************** The story starts on red nose day 1995. Poor cunt got one leg. Chips for the Poor steps on to the stage with his punk band Brian and The Teenagers. Two EPs, and a string of Gigs/riots around the country follow, finally culminating in a Sheffield audience being pelted with teeth, and a Coventry Community College watching a silent C4TP confined to a wheelchair dressed as a tiger. *********************************************** Finding himself without a band, Chips For The Poor went on to devote his energies to fronting the Invisible Spies House band Toah Dynamic. After providing vocals and occasionally wayward keyboard work on the classic Toah Dynamic LPs Movement and Cops Hate Our Love, the pull to produce solo Chips For The Poor recordings finally proved irresistible. *********************************************** On LSD Who Said That? Chips for the Poor is formed out of margarine and dog muck. His head is the film Crash and his body is hot kiss. You try to ban him, he come back in Richey Manics motor with a middle parting and milk breath. LSD Who Said That? is the fuckin Chuckle Brother sick puddle down the alley past the arcade. Anyone asks its a blues Brothers themed wedding and C4TP is the bride and groom. *********************************************** The release of LSD Who Said That?, featuring stunning artwork by Parisian graffiti artist RCF, will be supported by a string of Chips For The Poor live dates around the UK. Expect to see C4TP in your town soon, confused by dog whistles and bird flight. ***********************************************


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  1. KarenM says:

    Just listening to the podcast while tidying my desk – the great sounds make light work of anything!