In the cabins where the sirens swim and swirl in torment and joy and where the rose you carry is the mallow rose with the violet violent heart, tune in for dreams of prophets sages and kings who clamour to exclaim God does not exist, abyss, abyss, tune in or sleep on, sleep on, sleep on… sleep on through dead worlds forever, yea, Christopher Brierley does indeed read Chimera by Gerard De Nerval on Radio Joy…

Gerard de Nerval, poet, dreamer, hallucinatic, who translated Faust at 19, paraded the gardens of the Palais Royal with a lobster on a pale blue ribbon, wrote such masterworks as Sylvie and Aurelia, and hanged himself one wintry morning with an old apron string he believed to be the Queen of Sheba’s garter,was the most exotic of the 19th century Romantics.

Christopher Brierley is a composer of soundtracks, orchestral scores and a member of The Band of Holy Joy.

The recording of this show is available on request.

2 Responses to Chimera

  1. KarenM says:

    Heading for midnight in Central Europe with my head full of Chimera sounds — I am on my way to a shopping mall in the glass and steel forest where no man’s land used to be. An emerald green satin ribbon in my pocket. At the late late store I shall purchase a lobster, tie the ribbon around its neck and take it for a misty moonlit walk in the snowy wastes of the Tiergarten, Berlin’s central park. Passing the zoo, my lobster and I will crane our necks to catch glimpses of gorgons, hydras and chimeras dire, while beneath our feet or claws the bones of Mephisto rattle in the vaults of underground tunnels where ghost trains whoosh past endlessly without ever stopping.
    The rest is future history. Thank you Chris, Johny, Inga and the rest of the crew for making everything possible with the sounds of Chimera,


  2. raffaela says:

    Haunting lyrics, perfect soundtrack. Great job, guys : )