A Night of Easy Listening

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Based in London, Bradford Bahamas are a collective of artists and musicians who revolve around an interactive analogue audio/visual installation by Nitin Lachhani. Lachhani’s practice often engages transmuting natural phenomena by diverse processes that involve using found electronic equipment to high end rapid prototyping technology.

The installation consists of electrical current of varying frequencies directly connected to an array of TV’s and computer monitors. The cathode ray screens visualise the raw signals and emit the energy within the environment as electromagnetic fields. As one approaches a screen, the human body conducts the radiation and becomes a conduit for the signal to pass to a sound system through metal plates which are stood on. Ones proximity to the screen influences the amplitude of the audio, the closer you are the louder the sound. Each screen is an individual, possessing it’s unique input signal hence its own visual and sound. Source inputs can vary largely, anything which has a current can be used such as signal generators, pre-recorded audio or the inner language of a digital device by direct connections to functioning circuitry. By careful tuning a group of dancers are able to determine audio by their movements within a large space. The work has toured various venues as an installation for the public to interact with as well as numerous improvised performances.


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