A Hundred Year Old Curse Revealed

This weeks soundscape comes from vlk.

Radio Joy knows very little of vlk at this present moment. We first came across them at the Shunt Lounge. They occupied several corners of the room and utilised a barrage of junk and toys cheap electronica and arcane instruments. The sound they made was haunting and immense. James Alaska was the contact. We got to talking when he played the classic ‘Ride The White Pony’ song as we crossed paths in the DJ booth. James did good time in Whitley Bay. Always a good thing as far as Radio Joy is concerned. They sound like a restrained EIDETIC BAND. Otherwise they remain a mystery.

Vlk’s one hour session has to be listened to most carefully. What we heard whilst listening was the resonance of isolated farmhouses, the scrawlings and scratchings of accumulated memories trapped behind the crumbling plaster. A hundred year old curse revealed when ancient wallpaper and paint is scraped away.¬† The hum of the pylons that stretch away like industrial age ley lines over the fells and the new wind generators that seem to watch and speak of some unfathomable creepiness. That’s what we hear, we know you’ll hear something different.

A few words from vlk:

‘Vlk are Tom Mudd, James Alaska and Tristan Shorr. We improvise in the studio and during live performances to create delicate, fragile, and occasionally fierce and enveloping¬†textural layers of sound and noise. We use contact mics, cello, percussion, vintage radios and turntables, sewing machines, synths, laptops and anything else we can get our hands on. Sounds are created and processed, reconfigured and pushed back out using hardware and custom built software into the mix, to create a 3 way dialogue, where often none of us really knows who’s doing what and which sound is which.’

Contact vlk and hear more at:

The recording of this show is available on request.

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