Visions of Beauty and Despair on Teesside


They told me I was going to die and that there was no hope of a reprieve.
I wanted to see the world one last time.
I set out to traverse the landscape of my youth.


And here I am now.

Soon your body is removed from the weight of the world.

And as I feel my spirit soar free I look down to see a dead body dragged across sand and through pond along the docks and in the marshes flayed by ignorance and cruelty, failed by sham politics and modern medicine.

Friendless now and loveless, covered in chemical waste.

A quiet alarm.

A radio turned on.

A new day dawning…

Mining For Gold presented by Radio Joy:

The North is Another Land…
Every Friday for six weeks at 11-30pm, starts Oct 1st

An American musician finds herself disillusioned in London. After a breakdown in the city she embarks on a wayward journey through the North of England. On her way she visits a traditional horse fair in the town of Appleby, invokes transitory disturbance at Sellafields power station, discovers the beauty of nature in the abandoned Teeside chemical plants, encounters Islamophobia in Gateshead and much more along the way before finding the holy musical grail in the City of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The series will culminate with a live performance by The Band of Holy Joy and a Talking Musical Revolutions symposium at the Star and Shadow cinema in Newcastle on November 6th.

Cris Lapthorn – soundscape – studio enabling – research – voice
Chris Brierley – violin – voice – soundscape
Inga Tillere – soundscape – visuals
James S Finn – soundscape – piano –guitar – studio enabling – voice
Andy Astle – guitar – voice
Marianne Hyatt – Lindsey Lowheart
Gavin Martin – voice, vibes
Bill Lewington – percussion
Johny Brown – text – voice
David Barbenel – cello

The recording of this show is available on request.

One Response to Visions of Beauty and Despair on Teesside

  1. Ellalattaque says:

    “Things” of yours like this is like answers to questions I can’t even form.
    With love, gratitude and deep respect,