The Death of a Legend And a Birth of a Star

Jonny Cola narrates a NYC star struck and neon dusted tale of his band’s journey across the wasteland of late night London before introducing miss Nina Zivancevic who pays full homage to the recently deceased poet, photographer, film maker and true underground legend Ira Cohen. In pursuing his love of NYC Jonny asks Nina all the right questions and we have an hour of almost perfect underground radio with soundscape by Inga Tillere and treated piano by James.S.Finn.

Ira Harvey Cohen, of New York, NY, died peacefully on April 25th, 2011 at the age of 76. He will always be loved and always be missed. His legacy lives on. Read more here.

Ira Cohen in conversation with Nina Zivancevic New York, 2001
When someone says why do you write — what would you say? It is easy to say ‘oh, because of… blah, blah’, but I’d like to give a really good answer, not just a glib answer. So he was asking ‘where does poetry come from?’ So I said I thought of the book by Lawrence Van der Post which is called The Kalahari Bushmen and was about the Kalahari bushmen, or the lost world of the Kalahari, whatever, and it describes the Kalahari bushmen travelling all over the desert. And the way they conduct their whole life is by following lightning and thunder. That’s their whole life. Why? Because wherever lightning goes, water is sure to be found, and they are in the desert. So, if they see lightning down there and they see it in the desert on a probably clear horizon they follow that lightning and then they find water which is life! And I said to him that I would say that the poetry can be found in the same way. That’s how I feel about it. Whenever you follow the lightning, you’ll find a poem there. [Ira Cohen]


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  1. So good to hear this. Thanks, to both Jonnys and Nina and Inga for her beautiful sounds. Ira was a great artist, a dear friend and an eternal spirit.