Radio Joy Xmas Special

Palmersville still 3

William and Edwin Palmersville

William Goddard has recorded several albums under the name Supreme Vagabond Craftsman and has played in numerous bands. He is co-founder of Invisible Spies Records, which he also co-runs.

Edwin Rostron is an artist whose work includes animations, comics and short stories. He graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2008 and has shown his work at galleries and film festivals around the world.

The two began their collaboration on the film ‘Palmersville’ in 2008 and are currently working on a new animation project.

Radio Joy is proud to present ‘Palmersville’ here.

Palmersville from edwin rostron on Vimeo.

Karen Margolis and Thomas Schliesser’s Berlin Postcard


Wall story

Once there was a wall
that stood for world war
mass slaughter, genocide
and the cynical ideological
division of a continent

The wall fell
people rejoiced
the world watched the party
before switching channels

change always looks good
garnished with handouts & promises
but tarnishes quickly
dulled by the business of living

the magnifying glass of history
makes dictators more fearsome
heroes braver
and walls higher

pending anniversaries
the past is packaged
for present consumption
concrete chips in bottles
maps of vanished border zones
memoirs of neighbourhood spies
photos of faded graffiti
obsolete car models
retro matchboxes
recipes for scarcity
all the stuff that feeds archives
commemorative displays
& museum shops

nostalgia repeats itself
until remembrance
turns to depression
still, there’s no going back

the hole the wall left
has grown to a global chasm
with millions teetering
on the edge of existence
freedom fenced in
threats on all fronts
and devalued promises
sold as rescue packages
with the call to build new walls

Each of us has a wall story
a tale buried in the debris
of a time that keeps returning


Crossing the border with a love poem

To cross the border with a love poem
you first
have to learn it
line by line
verse by verse by heart:

then eat your words.

Berlin 1989


The dead dead GDR

The GDR is dead ’n gone
the end came fast, no lingering on;
some last nostalgic tears are wiped away
and the stage is set for a brand new play.

The GDR is dead and I’m knockin’, knockin’
knockin’ the last nail in the coffin
yeah, yeah

We loved the GDR, we loved to hate it
We looked the other way so we didn’t have to face it;
we played its game with all the tricks we knew
& you know & I know & the Stasi knows too.

The GDR is dead and I’m knocking’, knockin’
knockin’ the last nail in the coffin,
yeah, yeah

So don’t waste time on the past it’s past
pull up your socks, get yourself off your arse;
bury the bones of socialist security
& sing the dirge of consumer computer slavery.

The GDR is dead and I’m knockin’, knockin’
knockin’ the last nail in the coffin,
yeah, yeah

And work now work for your daily bread
sell your time sell your life as the man once said:
change your savings for a new car to race you ahead
and join the FRG where they’re all already dead.

The GDR is dead and I’m knockin’, knockin’
knockin’ the last nail in the coffin
oh yeah.

Berlin, July 1990  (monetary union)


brecht & beer

this time of the renaming of streets towns and ships
of east and west in brackets
erasure of great figures
purging of dated ideologies
polishing of present images
cleansing so much dirt
piled up so orderly
who needs this history?
is it duty? or punishment?
or simply a piss-up in a brewery?

Berlin 1991


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