Live from the Foundry


Mission success first broadcast from out in the field radio joy live transmission from the Foundry on the walls a poem for Joseph Bueys in Steven Berkoff drag found battered in the vaults of thee building whilst on the screens the scanners provide evidence of subverting flowers rioting and looting in Newington Green back gardens. The regulars socialise and applaud the compere ms Mariane Hyatt as she introduces the pagan trance of ¬†Stasis73 with some good ol’ country dirt after James S Finn has put a shift of sheer sound through the speakers the whole night topped beautiful by the glory and the fury the sound and the vision of Mr Gavin Martin we can do this thing succesful mission mission success over and out for now


Nicola Jayne Maskrey is an artist working with photography. ¬†Using a range of techniques based on intuitive responses to subject and process, her practice is concerned with exploring perception at the point where the imagination interacts with the everyday . Nicola’s latest work ‘Adventures in a Suburban Garden’ consists of images of vegetation made with a domestic scanner.

Adventures in a Suburban Garden from Nicola Jayne Maskrey on Vimeo.

Stasis73 is a freeform experimental sounds and film outfit. Drawn together by the chemistry of the random, the voice, and moving image. Using live looped theramin, clarinet, guitar, jaws harp, violin, accordian, broadcast, mouth and an ever growing vocabulary of sourced instruments, the soundscape accompanies the live filming and prerecorded projections. They create a new world for the audience, against the beat. Somewhere in the desert Ennio Morricone is turning the dial on an old Valve radio set, running through the stations he eventually comes across something he likes the sound of… from beyond the border Timothy Leary is transmitting his late night sub frequency show… Stasis are the house band…



One Response to Live from the Foundry

  1. La Belle et la Bete says:

    Sounds like a great evening… high art indeed.
    Love Maskrey’s images, fairytalesque.