Dust And Drums

We are stoked to be back on the airwaves this Sunday with another great Den Browne story / Jane Maskew soundscape.

“Dust & Drums” – covers the Treworgey Free Festival of ’89 at a time when the old analogue head sounds were melting and transforming into newer but no less potent digital sounds and in the days when festival meant festival, free was truly free, and to be fucked up a feeling way beyond compare.

Beyonce never quite made this one…


Warning, may contain elements of trance!


2 Responses to Dust And Drums

  1. Dave Jewitt says:

    wow what a treat – cheers!!

  2. Dave Jewitt says:

    Just listened right through – the memories came flooding back!
    Great delivery…world-weary deadpan humour on the one side; wistful nostalgia on the other..brilliant stuff. I’m looking forward to hearing more – the “Operation Julie” book review is next on my agenda ;)
    I’m really pleased to have come across this ‘station’…Facebook aint all bad!!